Food Party XMAS SPECIAL !!!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen! In all its glory! All 17 minutes of it!! Enjoy it with your family!!! Share it with your friends!! Your baby cousin is going to love it!! Excuse my excitement!! Today I will be in Cleveland!! Give me a call!!

Oh yeah, my suggestion to you, for maximum viewing pleasure, especially if you have slow internet, is to let it load in its entirety before you begin viewing. You can also follow the link and download the video! Happy Holiday Friendss!!

Don’t worry friends, DVDs will be available soon, which will include deleted scenes, director’s commentary, storyboard sketches, bloopers, hand illustrated cover, trailers, extra footage and more. Email me for advance orders. It’ll probably be like 11 bucks plus shipping. We are also currently accepting donations to fund our upcoming episodes.

thutranthutran at gmail dot com.



  1. I love this Food Party Special so much! Your set is Awesome & I love the chicken udders 🙂 Jack Frost was hilarious too!

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