Waffles and Gravy for Breakfast


What is great for breakfast? That’s right! Heavy, greasy and starchy FOOD!!! This morning for breakfast, Lisa and I prepared a SINFUL meal, a subtle variation on the American classic dish of “biscuits and gravy.”


Notice how ORANGE this gravy is. This is because I used very cheap HOT italian sausage, which has very noticeably red-orange fat pockets in it, which turned the gravy this lovely pastel orange color you see here.

Here is my recipe: Italian Sausage Gravy

  • 2 chubby italian sausages
  • half an onion
  • half and half
  • a good fistful of flour
  • a good CHUNK of butter
  • some water
  • S and P

Remove the sausage from the casing and saute in butter and onion. It will look very gross and greasy, but it will smell amazing. Do this till the onions are soft and the meat is thoroghly cooked. Do not drain any of the fast. Add some flour to turn the fat in the pan into a PASTE. Add the half and half and some water. Stir around until you get a gravy consistency. Taste it, season it, serve over waffles.

The flavor of the gravy was also a little CHEESE-like. I think this was a case of “mind over matter” since the color of the gravy was similar to cheez-whiz. Lisa made the waffles in the waffle iron with a simple bisquik-like batter. Very good!! Here are some reactions to the meal:


Mixed reviews!!!!See ya!!



  1. I will say nothing was mixed in my favorable reaction to this gravy.
    But the hot sauce will re-mix your butt a little.

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