Christmas Tea!

BRRR! That’s a verbatim quote from me this weekend, as the first snowflakes of the winter drifted down upon the Food Party Headquarters. Weather changes instinctively make me crave certain tastes. I suddenly become a little Carl Cookiebaker, anything “mulled” sounds appealing, and a world of all things peppermint or gingerbread flavored opens up at your local grocer.

See, I just referred to a “Supermarket” as a “Grocer”. I start referring to things all “Old Timey” during the holidays, because you want things to be more romantic and Victorian. Spare a ‘alfpenny for a paper of chestnuts, Gov’ner? I got the croup in the PoorHouse, I did. All right, that’s enough.

My fave Christmastime beverage comes from the stovetop of my dear Ma, who created a citrus-based tea that tastes A-mazing, and is a for-real remedy for cough-and-cold symptoms.

We call it “Mrs. Frakers Tea”, after the hippy nature-grandma that my mom befriended in the 60’. Mrs. Fraker was a real whiz in the kitchen, and passed this recipe on to my mother. I served it on the set of the latest Food Party episode to the cast and crew, and it was a energizing hit. Make some! It’s EASY!

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  1. If Mrs. Fraker had some family that moved out to SD, then there’s a chance I know some of that crazy hippy family!

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