A South Carolina Thanksgiving Part 1

Let me begin by saying that this Thanksgiving was food-tastic I have to fit it into TWO blogs. So enjoy part one…

Every year my grandmother and I take a plane to south Carolina to visit our mutual relatives for thanksgiving. I came with camera in hand, and had already announced that this whole meal from baking to concept to travel, would be well documented, and my family was more than happy to oblige me. I also had intended to travel to a few of the places Doan’s favorite foodie website, Hollyeats.com, had graded, but I’ll get to that later…

Let me introduce you to my Mom and Grandmother….
Mom in the kitchen gram at the airport

Patty, on the top, is a mother of four, and an avid cooker, and a shift supervisor at BOSCH, her speciality- dodging my little sister and brother’s strange hangups about food, while creating delicious and nutritious meals, on a budget. Helene, lower, is a mother of five, a lover of good dogs and a good scotch, and an all around cool lady, her speciality… guilt and hearty, budget mom cookery. A knock-out thanksgiving combo.

Here are some of the things we did in prep of making dinner…

Turkey Brining..if you don’t know about brining.. is a process similar to marinating, but with a ton of salt and in this case a pound of honey, and some vegetable stock….make sure the bird is in there tits up!

turkey bucket brine alone mom measures the ice..using a bio scale.. tits up!

Taa Daaa! “why’s it so juicy?” Cause I put Xtra flavor in there! OOOHHHH!
a cooked bird

cranberry sauceI have to admit that this thanksgiving we had a kind of bougie but basic menu, hence why I also made a cranberry sauce from scratch. I got this recipe off of epicurious.com you basically add a cup of OJ and two cups of sugar, a pound of cranberries, and simmer till they pop! Fuck that canned shit!

Another recipe i tried from epicurious.com was the very good, and tasty, sweet potato hash…

sweetpothash 3 or 4 pounds of sweet potatoes, cubed, 2 cups of onion- browned in oil and butter, tossed in 1 cup brown sugar, and a tablespoon of pumpkin spice… fry it and eat it!!!

Here is the rest of the spread…..

mashed potatoes corn

green bean casserole gross

Starting from the top left, we have canned corn, then mashed taters, and two traditions on the lower left, green bean casserole straight from the Betty Crocker test kitchens. AND on the right, one of my least favorite holiday traditions, which we do only to avoid hearing any groans about it’s absence..giblet gravy, here presented in it’s pre-gravy, post neck boiling form. Much debated, but highly loved by those who can get past it’s texture.


Here my sister’s boyfriend, Neil, shows us just how much he likes my mom’s turkey.

Here is my plate in the process of smothering, notice the Yueng-ling in the background.

my plate!

Let me tell you, while this was pretty standard as far as Thanksgiving meals goes, that is exactly why it was perfect. We only really tweaked a few things, but it was all in the name of Cuisine. Part Two “A South Carolina Thanksgiving: Onward to Charlotte” coming soon.


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