Hi boys and girls! I am back in Brooklyn after an enlightening experience through the wilderness of Nebraska. I have actually been back for about three weeks now, but I have finally settled into my new apartment and our internet is good, even though we can not figure out how to hook up the router.

The subject of this blog is regarding a real FOOD PARTY at my apartment a few days ago. I don’t remember the cause for this dinner party, but I do remember that it was planned out a few days before hand. Plus we had a lot of friends visiting from out of town. Anyway, who cares about the reason, we had a blast!

First of all, this was the entree:


It was marinated and basted in this:

plus salt and pepper, duh.

I roasted a 6 pound pork shoulder for like, i don’t know, all day. It was awesome. The meat was very TENDER and JUICY. However, the birch beer flavor was more of an afternote in the tastebuds. I’ve experimented with coca cola pulled pork before that yielded similar results, where the cola flavor was difficult to accentuate. In the future when cooking with soda pops, I think I will have to reduce the soda down to its essence to really make it stand out. There is too much water in soda pop that I think I just need to boil out.

SPOILER: : : My next experiment will involve a roasted turkey marinated and basted in mountain dew, and stuffed with flaming hot cheetohs.

Here are some of the other dishes served at this food party:


These are two different kinds of collard greens. The top is butter and water, the bottom is cooked in birch beer pork juice. There are two different kinds because we catered to vegetarians at this dinner party. Luckily, no vegans were around, so we did not have to cook a third kind, that would have just been cooked in water. The beauty of living in Bed Stuy, as opposed to Williamsburg, is that collard greens at the grocery store a block from my home was only $1.00 for two bunches that were as big as human toddlers.

Jed made this lovely veggie mac n cheez:


It was very rich and full of large chunks of garlic cloves. Needless to say, everyone had bad breath upon eating this deliciously heavy dish.

Ani made these wonderful corn muffins. They were probably the best cornbread I’ve ever had. Can you guess the secret ingredients?


Well, I’m not sure what she actually did to them, but they had LIME, CHEDDAR, and JALEPENO. What a clever girl. These things generally taste good with corn, so of course, they complimented this cornbread QUITE WELL.

This was a dish that I did not get a chance to sample, but Jess Langley prepared this as the vegetarian entree:


I did not get a chance to sample this, but the vegetarians, as well as non-vegetarians assured me that this was delicious. I simple did not have room on my plate for this. However, what it entails is the following things: crusty bread, avocado, carmelized onion, balsamic vinegar, and possibly cottage cheese.

Of course to accompany everything was rice:


Here is the spread:


Here are a few people enjoying this feast, everyone is having a lovely time with each other:



I am happy to be back in New York.


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  1. i have to say I am not often into a mac and cheese where you add alot of bullshit like chunky garlic cloves, I really like to keep it a little bit TRADITIONAL. The only other thing I have to say is that I am not surpised adding lime to corn muffins yeilded great results. One related suggestion is to add orange juice to corn or bran muffins you make – expecially if they are for breakfast or have raspberries. oh yeah.

    PS liquid smoke is a required ingredient for vegetarian greens

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