doan & jacq’s new england seafood extravaganza

new england
a little over a year ago i discovered a great little website called hollyeats. having just moved to new york city, i was in search of some great grimey food spots, specifically in the hotdog genre to explore and through the magic of google search, i found the site.
bored at work i would often sift through all the grease stain reviews he gave and it was there that i was introduced to what looked like the most incredible thing i had ever seen: the lobster roll.

lobster, butter, new england style hotdog bun (which if youre not familiar, looks like a mini loaf of bread but split in half along the top). maybe a lemon. maybe some mayo. genius.
i instantly became obsessed with finding and eating one of these and while i found that they are pretty easy to find here in new york, i wanted the real deal, which led to the initial new england lobster roll expedition of 2006.
my girlfriend jacqueline and i hopped in her minivan one saturday and drove to johnny ad’s in old saybrook, ct (which was exceptional by the way) for the sole purpose of eating a lobster roll, and disappointed we were not. if youve never had one, its everything you would imagine it to be: amazing, awesome, and really good. it looked something like this:

lobster roll, clam strips, lobster bisque, some cole slaw, and jacq being overjoyed by the sight of it all.
heading back to new york that day we concluded that a farther expedition was in order, to go to maine, the source of the lobster roll and eat whatever creature the ocean had to offer on the way.
about a year later, we took some days off of work and did it. with the help of hollyeats and, our itinerary was as such: start in brooklyn, going through connecticut, rhode island, stop in boston, and then head up to portland, maine. this trip actually happened a few weeks ago but i/we’ve been lazy about posting so uh, yeah. sorry.

day 1
we left the city at about 9am, and i was hoping to have some breakfast at super duper weenie, a hotdog spot in fairfield, ct that we stopped at last year, but we must have missed the sign because, uh, well we didn’t see the sign. so instead we held out for the first place on our itinerary, captain scott’s lobster dock in new london.

located down a couple of back roads in a sort of small gloomy new england town, captain jack’s is pretty much how it looks in the picture. a little shack on a dock with some picnic tables for some fine outside waterfront eating. we wanted to have a nice well rounded meal so we each got a lobster roll, and then decided to split some clam fritters and a cup of rhode island style clam chowder, and like most meals, it came with a free side of cole slaw.

it was a pretty blustery day, especially since we were by the water but we decided to get the full effect and sit outside. the lobster rolls were pretty damned good, as the meat was pretty damned succulent and everything was buttered nicely. the clam fritters were pretty good, especially with some hot sauce on them but they, like most fritters, are really just a lot of fried dough and these were pretty gargantuan and got boring after 1 or 2. we opted for the rhode island style chowder seeing how neither of us had never had it and i must say that it’s not bad. based on clam broth as opposed to new england and manhattan style, rhode island style’s got the same major ingredients (potatoes, clams…uh…clams) but is more like a clam soup or stew as opposed to the conventional dairy based chowder. it wasn’t spectacular but id be willing to try it again somewhere else just so that id have something to compare it to.

after new london we went through rhode island because i thought there would be things to see and while im sure there are plenty of things to see, nothing really struck our fancy from the view of the highway so we kept on trucking to boston.

this picture isn’t from the trip but from a prior recon mission i took to boston over the summer. i just posted it for effect.
we got to boston (cambridge specifically) at about 4 in afternoon, where we parked the car and wandered around waiting for my friend and host jason to get off of work. we got some beers (sam adams octoberfest and shipyard export to be specific) and relaxed for a bit before we headed out for the evening to watch game one of the ALCS between the red sox and the tribe (i conveniently spent game 1 of both the ALDS and the ALCS in enemy territory) at a sports bar that, while wasn’t bad, wasn’t interesting enough to make note of. even though our trip was mainly based on the idea of eating sea food all the time, captain scott’s had kinda burnt us out on seafood for the day so we were up for whatever.
i had the wings. tribe lost.
we spent the rest of the night drinking with friends and then turned in fairly early to prepare for day 2 of our food odyssey.
what wonders did boston have in store for us? would we be able to get some of that fabled new england clam chowder? would we go sight seeing? would i keep not taking pictures?
stay tuned and find in out day 2 of doan & jacq’s new england seafood trip extravaganza!



  1. I am already in your debt for all of the info you have given me for me coming trip to SC. You you are a credit to our race my friend. You know the human race? Racist.

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