D’Gari is Scari.

Now I know that this is a little late for Halloween stuff, but let’s get real there is always more than enough time to get weirded out by a food product or shitty costume. That being said let me introduce you to my new friend D’Gari.Dgari

I’m sure that you are already scurred enough, but I will go on.

You see D’gari may not seem frightening because of it’s seeming simplicity, in the guise of ghetto Mexican Jello, the inviting chap on the front with his freaky pink eyes, and smirking mouth. FYI; because there is no pigment on the area of the packaging near the white of his eyes, it appears pink, but if you get apple D’gari, you get a pastel green demon eyed child instead. Delicious snack!?

cabbage patch care of D’Gari


Look what happens when you open a pack of D’Gari! Boil milk and let chill my ass! On the real though, this stuff tastes as cheap as it is. which is like 80 cents a pack, but the detail retention is pretty good. Also, the serving size is 2 tbsp. so if are even slightly diabetic, you better get yourself a zwieback or something.



  1. Dave, that’s amazing. Another amazing thing about it is that I have some of that shit in my pantry right now. The flavor? Eggnog. Why? Because it was one of the sweet treats I discovered at the grocery store that didn’t contain iodine when I had to do that crap. Of course, I never did end up eating it.

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