Marion’s Continental is for lovers

Ok so this is way late, but when DDWTYH hit NYC a few weekends ago we had our going away brunch at a little place called Marion’s Continental. It’s in Manhattan – 354 Bowery between Great Jones & E. 4th Streets.

Marion’s is a cute little place that Jocelyn and Chris took us to. Needless to say the restaurant was adorable, our food was excellent, their brunch included bottomless bloody marys/mimosas (the best bloody mary I’ve ever had!), and our waitress was a sassy little lady named Bethany. I recommend checking this place out if you haven’t, it was empty when we got there. I was a bit confused, maybe it’s the location?? Anyways, check out these photos!!!!!

The interior of Marion’s.

My Eggs Florentine. This is my favorite brunch dish ever. I love a poached egg and spinach. I will say though, The Inn on Coventry does a better florentine, imo. However, I do enjoy that practically all NYC restaurants give you a side of mixed greens. AWESOME! Also, I thought their potatoes were wacky. I like straight up home fries or browns. These potatoes tasted a lot like TOMATOES, and to me that was weird. But, their fries, which are in view in the next photo, were magnificent. So get those instead.

Chris Duffy’s 2 egg breakfast.

Zachariah and Zak both got some kind of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Wildly weird. I hate smoked salmon.

Zachariah and our lovely waitress, Bethany.

They had a Jameson baby!!!!!


So after we ate Bethany got us all a round of JAMESON shots. Nothing kick starts your sunday afternoon shopping spree and 8 hour drive back home like a shot of ol’ Mr. Jameson. Basically, despite the fact that their potatoes were weird, they did have amazing bloody marys and our waitress was the best damn waitress in NYC. GO THERE!!!!


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