Warning..Giant food Blog ahead…. What a foodtastic day I had!

So today i started my day by hanging out with the one and only taylor dell,

taywer dell’s a sweepy face

he woke up late today, so I came by his house to deliver him lunch, and coffee, and then draw pictures with him. Here is what we ate,

samiches care of presti’s These sandwiches care of Presti’s bakery in good ol’ Lil’ Italy. They are made with ham and lettuce and tomato, a little swiss cheese and, an apple slice.

Later that day Erika and I met up to ride bikes to Ian Charnas’

Ian Charnas and some mexican

He was having thank you dinner for all of the friends and voulunteers that made his Middle School field trip party at the natural history museum a smash hit. Better than that, it was also a benifit for the community center he works with and helped start called C-space, and he and the friends made $5,000 to help fund the space.

Here are some people actively working on latkas and salads,

Mike O’toole slaves away over potato Sexy salad helpers

as well as squash stuffed manacotti…

work that squash manacotti

Here is the finished plate,

taa daa

Everthing on this plate is organic, vegan, macrobiotic, AND from the greater cleveland area Boo-Yah!

and some more stuff…..

spiderman a la craig costume!anagrams

Ok, so here is one of the place cards made for the guests, they are anagrams of our names, so we had to find them, The winners of these ?

Ninja tush,vodka adrift, and my favorite..Crib Honey.

erika slams some dip guac!

big money holla big money!

the itis strikes again

Good night !


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