Grapple: a big sham

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I was delighted to see what looks like a really smart idea, and something that TOTALLY should have been MY idea. It is called GRAPPLE. Okay, so the concept is, they get some apples, really nice washington apples that are USDA grade EXTRA FANCY and inject it with GRAPE FLAVOR, so that what you get is some thing that “looks like an apple, tastes like a grape.” Sounds AMAZING doesn’t it? And like a dream come true?

I am pissed because I paid $3.99 for 4 apples that do not taste like orchard concord grapes as described on the packaging, but tastes like normal ordinary apples. Granted they were good, crisp, juicy apples, but I did not pay a dollar an apple to get good-tasting apples. I don’t even like apples to be honest. I WANTED GRAPE-FLAVORED APPLES!!

So, in conclusion, I was slightly bummed, but got over it. They had a very smart marketing strategy that totally worked on me, and I was fooled. I encourage everyone though to not waste your money on grapples. The people who produce these are assholes.



  1. oh shit, grapples are just another bust like broccoflower. have you ever had broccoflower? i thought it would be awesome cause its broccoli (which i love) mixed with caluliflower and i find cauliflower wildly weird/entertaining. (WHAT IS IT MADE OF??!!?!?) unfortunately, broccoflower didn’t taste like a hybrid, it was just green. lame.

    sorry you got shafted, thu.

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