Nebraska part ???


Here I am, still in the beautiful mountains of Nebraska. Actually Nebraska is quite flat and rich in agriculture. The corn is being harvested as we speak. Here is some of the corn I looks at everyday.


A couple weeks ago, the other artists and I went to a barn dance. It was a serious adventure because it was also a potluck! I was not aware of this so I didn’t prepare a dish, but the spread was, once again, culturally revealing.


One of the highlights was this corn salad which has barbecue fritos as a topping, to really layer the corn flavor.


This guy makes his own wine. I was able to sample some of his strawberry wine that had been aged in the cellar for 4 and a half months. It was actually quite good! And easy!, he said, especially if HE can do it. What he does is buy whatever fruit might be on sale, and gets a ton of it. Then he boils it in a big pot of water with a ton of sugar. The he puts a packet of yeast in it. Then he dumps it in a plastic five gallon bucket and lets it sit for as long as he has patience for.


The results are actually very good! I will have to try this once I get back home. I can only imagine that it’s similar to brewing kombucha, but less hippie and more hillbilly. Here is another gentleman enjoying some home-brewed wine.


My final note is a shout out to Elias and Jed:img_1267.jpg

Happy Devilled EGG!!! Elias, please post more eggers.

Love, Thu



  1. I WILL! they have been so SUCKY lately. PS does anyone u know have pics of that Cleveland party where I was telling drunk girls that the deviled EGG filling in a pastry bag was lemon frosting and squirting it into their mouths? that was an egg-venture

    PEEPEE ESS why the f r u in nebrask?????

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