I was just in New York, and here are some things I ate

On my first night in New York for the gayest weekend ever, I spent the night at Chris and Jocelyn’s place. The next morning, after Chris asked me what I wanted for breakfast, I said that that I wanted “sausage, hash-browns egg-y stuff, or maybe omelet-y salsa-y stuff” So this is what he made me.

chris makes me breakfast

Acvacados over sunshine through a window..with hot sauce Thanks for breakfast dude!

Then, full on both good and bad cholesterol, we met up with Lisa to visit the vag-y grandeur of Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” ,newly installed at the Brooklyn Museum. Then after watching a group of well dressed teens get into a really boring fight, we had lunch at a pizza place a few blocks away.

me enjoying a pizza slice chris eats a pizza slice

I know that you probably cant see this, but my slice is covered in stuff; feta, Parmesan, sausage, and even rigatoni! Some veteran New Yorkers are used to this level of pizza madness, but I was delighted and a little blown away by this thing!

Later I went to a bar and met up wtih Double Dutch Will Take You Higher and got interviewed by The Gay Pimp and his cronies! Then a trannie in man drag lifted me off of my feet and out of my stupor, and into a world of ecstasy and go go boys!



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