Treets and Sweets with tuna pie!

So the other night I watched this frightening triple feature brought to you by the same dudes who bring you the crazydavetape!

Mike and me enjoy tuna

Basically what this is two bootleg MJ specials- Captain EO and a Thriller making of featurette….plus a Brazilian porno starring a MJ look-alike!

What better treat to eat with this, than A Curry Tuna Pie! And for the occasion, I decided to make myself a delicious exception to my moratorium on pussy jokes. This is actually a jazzed up version of one of my favorite mom-based recipes. My mom used to make something called “tuna ladder loaf” which is basically a tuna salad wrapped in croissant dough, which is a actually a DIY tuna hot-pocket. However for this one I, made it in the round, like a tasty 45′ and added curry and miracle whip. Then I topped it off with some cherry tomatoes Zena picked on the way home. And TAA DAA!eat me!



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