EGGERS 9/23/07

hi eggverybody its Egglias the W-eggst Coast Corr-egg-spondent to FoodParty.egg. (PS wouldnt that be sweet if there was a .egg extension? think about it)
Ok everyone I wasnt lying when I said one of the main purposes of me wasting time sitting at my desk at work writing for this nasty blog was to expose the world to the sunday comic strip EGGERS®! Its this really fucked up comic strip that some undoubtedly fat and egg shaped lady in florida runs, where lil half wit kids and sometimes even homosexual teenagers/eggers from the Seattle area send in a drawing of an EGG PUN. Now if youre wondering wtf I am talking about, check out the last w-egg-ks Eggers Com-egg strip:

ok – this is sweet in so many ways. Go smoke some weed and come back and check it out with me, ok? Chick -Egg Pox! This is surely a wise and just selection for the Pick of The Week . First of all, the drawing totally looks like the egg version a herpes virus zoomed into at +1000000000%. PLUS you are adding an ironic element making a egg pun out of the word Chicken. Which came first MUTHAFUCKA?????? great work, Erin Steiner, Age 7, Seattle. I will let other eggs comment on their fave Artist of Egg-Streme Merit below. More to come N-Egg-xt Week!



  1. Little known fact: Dave Eggers writes this strip.
    But more to the point: CHICK-EGG POX?
    Say this out loud. What?
    God, kids are so stupid.

  2. Granted, an egg pun like “Los Veggas” is more phonetically more on-point – BUT entries are also judged on the drawing, and you really cant beat a pox covered egg with dreadlocks, I am sorry.


  3. oh shit, grapples are just another bust like broccoflower. have you ever had broccoflower? i thought it would be awesome cause its broccoli (which i love) mixed with caluliflower and i find cauliflower wildly weird/entertaining. (WHAT IS IT MADE OF??!!?!?) unfortunately, broccoflower didn’t taste like a hybrid, it was just green. lame.

    sorry you got shafted, thu.

  4. fuck, i’m retarded. sorry. that comment was obviously for the GRAPPLES post. however, i will comment on Dave Eggers. Fuck that guy. His short stories, and writing style in general are below par.

  5. That comic got yanked from our local paper because they were smart enough to print one labeled “retard-egg” with a picture of a cracked egg with crossed eyes. Unbelievable!!

  6. In 1991, me and the rest of my high friends submitted these 3 eggers that never saw the light of day: (granted they are terribly un-pc), Negger, Homoseggsual, and eggstacy. The drawings were of a pimp, jailhouse sodomy and a masturbating egg. We laughed till our sides hurt putting it in the mailbox I just wish I’d have xeroxed them first

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