This is NYC Bitch.

I have just returned from the lovely city of New York where the booze is flowing and the friends are fine. I spent a few days in NYC for a job interview at the School of Visual Arts. While I was in town I did some amazing dining. I decided to document my experiences for all of you!

In case you were not aware I used to live in NYC for a semester in 2003. (4 years ago! MY GOD!) So every time I go back to the city I always end up going to a few of my favorite places to eat/hang out, as well as enjoy new places that have been found by others in my absence.

This trip was a real pleasure. Check it out:

I arrived at LaGuardia at 7:45AM on Thursday. I really hate traveling so early in the morning. I took a cab to Jacq’s place in Ridgewood and enjoyed a quick nap in her bed. It was really lovely.

jacq's bedtime

Then I phoned Zachariah Durr and made plans to meet up with him at one of my FAVORITE NYC restaurants, the 7A. (7th St and Ave A in the East Village) My interview wasn’t until 3:00pm so we met up in the East Village at 1:00pm. I ordered scrambled eggs with veggie ham and mixed greens salad with their delicious carrot vinaigrette dressing. Zachariah had the Brioche French Toast with rum butter. Unfortunately I forgot to shoot my first meal! WHAT A DUMMY! Anyways, it made my stomach happy and I really felt like I had a lucky breakfast before my interview. Too bad our waiter sucked.

Then it was off to SVA on 21st between 2nd and 3rd Ave. My interview was like an hour and a half! I think it went pretty well. Think positive thoughts for me, kittens! After my interview and after Zachariah spent almost 2 hours hanging out with college photo kids, we went looking for shoes.

Unfortunately, we were both unsuccessful, but then really hungry. We ended up back in the East Village on St. Marks. We went to a place I had been once before called Cafe Orlin. It is on St. Marks at the corner of 2nd Ave. They have a patio area and a fairly large and diverse menu.

I had this amazing Hijiki Seaweed Tofu Salad! And mashed potatoes!

hijiki tofu salad

They fried the tofu and it looked like mozzarella sticks! There was also avocado, cucumbers, and ginger-sesame dressing. This salad was so good! Much better than the hijiki salad at Tommy’s. (go figure)

Then it was back to Ridgewood for party time. We went to a place called BarCade (a bar with tons of old school arcade games) and another place called the Alligator Lounge. This place was sweet. They give you a FREE pizza when you order a beer. I had heard about this before and always imagined a small, personal pan style pizza. HELL NO! These pizzas are big! Budget, but big.


We each got a pizza. This is so silly.

Doan's Pizza Face

Doan enjoying Pizza.

Amanda and Duffy

Amanda and Chris enjoying Pizzas. Seriously, who doesn’t want free pizza??

After Pizzatime we went to Union Pool where we consumed many beers. I had some Yuengling. Nice. (see below)


The next day I was super hung over. I called Sandra Chi and told that bitch to take me to breakfast. Chris Duffy, Danny B, Sandra and I all headed back to the East Village for a fantastical dining experience called VESELKA. (E. 9th at the corner of 2nd Ave.) It is a Polish/Ukrainian restaurant I was known to frequent with Mike Kwiecinski back in the day. Pierogies, cakes, sandwiches, stuffed things, SO GOOD! This was the BEST idea of the day. Thank you, Sandra! Check out our delicious treats.

Sandra only eats coffee

Sandra Chi ordering an espresso AND coffee after pounding a Starbucks double shot and Frappawhacko on the train over. Bitch is nuts!

Tomato Rice Soup

My tomato rice soup with fresh dill.

sampler platter

Vegetarian Sampler with 2 onion pierogies, 2 potato pierogies, and meatless stuffed cabbage. YUM!

Danny B's fake pickle

This pickle on Danny B’s plate looked super fake.


Chris Duffy ordered some BORSCHT. How beautiful does this look?

We were joined by LISA RAMSEY and then we hit up some galleries in Chelsea. Lisa took Sandra and I to a little Puerto Rican cafe called Cabo Rojo near W. 25th. It’s one of those super narrow diners with a few tables and a counter. Lisa got some fish soup and rice while Sandra opted for Chicken Noodle Soup. Everything was bright yellow and smelled really good.

fish soup and glasses

burgers and cupcakes

This is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. Unfortunately, their cupcakes didn’t look so cute. They looked like the ones at Giant Eagle, kinda. I opted for a small box of fairy cakes (tiny cupcakes) that were VERY cute. (Lisa, I accidentally left them at your place with my tights! ENJOY!) On another unfortunate note, they can’t punctuate to save their lives in there. I saw this sign and got really mad. It’s not a statement, it’s a QUESTION! Use a question mark for imperative sentences. AHH!

dumb signage

Later on that night I met up with Adam Carmichael in Greenpoint for dinner. We went to a place called ENID’S and I had the best meal of my trip. They had a few veggie options on their menu, but I opted for the one that would make for the best conversation with David later: THE FISH TACOS!!!! Oh man, they were so good. Fried catfish, slaw, corn tortillas, beans and rice, topped off with a strong margarita. Plus, the restaurant is SUPER CUTE (and so was our waiter). Enid’s is located at the corner of Manhattan and Driggs, across from Matchless. Go there.




Needless to say, NYC was a blast as usual. I got into a lot of trouble, enjoyed the companionship of faraway friends, and ate like a queen! CHEERS!



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