Nebraska part II

Yesterday I went to a culturally mind-blowing event in Hordville, Nebraska  called FLODFEST. It’s an all day 3 day country music festival that takes place at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp with two stages, one called Prairie Island Stage and the other called Chuckwagon Stage. The bands were pretty good, a lot of them singing old Hank Williams songs or other old cowboy songs. Pretty sweet. The majority of people attending this festival were senior citizens, as you will see from some of these photos.

Who’s idea was it to go to this? It was Miriam, one of the writers in resident at the Art Farm, who saw a flyer for it at a coffee shop in Marquette. What a cultural experience this was!! I mostly documented the food we ate.

When we got there around 6, it was suppertime, and there was a break in the festival where everyone stopped to eat supper, potluck style. The spread was quite impressive!! Notice how many grandma-style sweets there are!! Awesome!!

Here is the nice lady that served me SLOPPY JOE. She also cooked ALL the ground beef you see before you! Let me tell you this sandwich was one of the softest heavenly biting experiences I’ve had in some time. White bun, slow cooked ground beef in spices and tomato sauce…. *sigh!

Here is more food. At least two different kinds of ambrosia salads, pastel puddings, cakes, spaghetti, potato salads, tuna macaronis, pickles salads, corn, potato chips, doritos, oh man!

To wash it all down was iced tea!!

It was hard not to grab a little of everything just to try, but I maintained self control and tried to compose a well-balanced meal. This is what my plate looked like:

Now, for a peaceful zen experience, please watch this video. There’s a sample of what the music sounded like at the festival with some video of a deer I saw on the farm earlier this week:


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