Girls Dine-in gone Cheap and Overloaded.

It was last night. Me and Lisa were craving for some food exploding
with grease juice, due to a stressful evening that we had to go through
in order to better our hungry, but productive life style. So we both
agreed to purchase sweet and sour chicken and veggie lo-mein from a
Chinese fast food chain that is located one block away from Lisa’s
apartment (on Troutman, off the Jefferson stop on the L train). We used to be their #1 customer last summer, so it was a refreshing memory flash back time for both of us. Sometimes it is not so bad idea to look back the past. Perfect beverage for this meal is Budwiser 40 oz. We brought these goods to Lisa’s apartment and satisfied
our stomach very soon. Of course, we both pour sriracha on lo-main to keep grease rush minimal. Nothing could complete that evening without Sheryl Crow performing in Apple computer.



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