This is a guy I met at Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern on Bedford and North 7th Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn.08-29-07_2310.jpg
I think his name is either UMBERTO or ALBERTO. I’m not sure, but he is Mexican. The boxes that he holds in his hands are small cases of Mexican candy that he was very excited about and passed out to everyone at the bar. I tried THREE different candies from him, and I will review them here:

1. PULPARINDO, this is tamarind candy that has a consistency that is a cross between Airheads and cookie dough. The taste is very INTENSE. Notice the HOT and SALTED feature of this candy, flavored by a sweet and tart fruit. Needless to say, I was pretty into it, but it is a candy I savor in small nibbles. Candy has a weird dried fruit smell to it, but I don’t mind.

2. PULPARINDO EXTRA PICANTE, very similar to the original pulparindo, except it is darker in color and has a lot more chili powder in it and ON IT. Eating this made me realize that the first one I ate was supposed to be spicy too, but I don’t remember it being that spicy. This EXTRA PICANTE one is certainly noticeably so!

3. BUBU LUBU, last but not least, it is BUBU LUBU. First of all it is called BUBU LUBU. Secondly, this is actually one of the least substantial and least satisfying candy bars I have ever eaten. This is what’s in it:

-strawberry flavored jelly


-chocolate flavored coating

Okay? There’s a reason why that part is printed so small on the wrapper. I was mesmerized by Bubu Lubu until I ate it, and it was bad. This tastes bad. All I can say is BUBU LUBU.



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