Russian Dressing Miracle Substitution

I was making for my friends the other day a batch of my favorite sandwich: the avocado reuben.  At 7am I woke to make this damned delish treat when I realized that I could not make the Russian dressing because my ketchup had gone bad.  Who’s ketchup goes bad anyways?  And where to get ketchup anew at 7am?  I was nearly terrified.  I almost was disappointed really and truly.  My lunch and the lunch of others was really on the brink here.  So I set out to look at the condiments in my fridge and and spice cabinet all the while trying to prepare myself for the use of plain mayo on an otherwise devine and perfect sammy.  But let me tell you my sauce turned out to be better than the original.  Would I blog about a bad lunch?

Here’s what I used:
Hellmans  real mayonnaise
hickory smoked BBQ Sauce!  -so good
and Sriracha which added this really spicy element.  such a nice compliment to the avocado

the rest of the ingredients are:
toasted rye bread
sliced avocado
melted swiss cheese

We all really enjoyed our lunch.  For dessert I brought peeled grapefruit halves with sugar sprinkled on them.  It was a really light and sweet follow up.  no pics, sorry!

I beg you to make this sandwich for yourself and those close to you.  You will never regret.



  1. AHH YES
    The Avo Reuben is one of my absolute faves- i also enjoy a popular veggie version- the tempeh reuben….

    one of my best sandwich experiences was eating my first one in some lesbian cafe in OLYMPIA -YA-YA-YA-YA WHERE EVERYONES THE SAME

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