Cajun Crawtators and Bologna Cravings

As I was craving bologna pretty hard,  for dinner this evening, I went to the Bagelsmith on Bedford and North 7th, and got a bologna sandwich on a plain bagel with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Oh man, the bologna was thin-sliced instead of that quarter inch thick stuff I was used to, and it was piled on an inch thick. Pretty amazing, like a delicate puff pastry, except with bologna. I ate half the sandwich and called it a night. With the dinner I had Mountain Dew and these chips:


I had never seen this flavor for potato chips before, so I gave them a try. As repulsive as “Cajun Crawtators” might sound to most people, these chips had very mild, if any, crawfish flavor. They were not even spicy. The chips were still golden yellow instead of having red powder all over them, like most spicy chips. So if you see these chips, don’t feel threatened, just expect disappointment, like I did.


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