Jed’s B-day Cake: Dark Choco-Espresso Blueberry Cake

Jed’s birthday was August 2nd. We did karaoke in Redhook at this place called Hope and Anchor, where everyone was serious about karaoke, and so were we, but in a different way. Jed sang some Tina Turner and some Dreamgirls soundtrack, and I sang a little Mariah. The majority of the regulars at the karaoke place all left a little after we all got there, so we got to sing so many times! At the end of the night, we left and I surprised Jed with this cake I baked from scratch!!

These images were taken with my cellphone.



Look, he is so surprised!

In reality, I think he was less surprised and more AMAZED! I would not be able to accurately tell you the recipe, but if you want to try to make your own blueberry espresso dark chocolate cake at home, this is all you need to do:

1. Find a chocolate cake recipe that you trust.

2. Replace the normal chocolate with DARK CHOCOLATE.

3. Replace the water in the recipe (or a watery element) with good strong espresso.

4. Add about a cup of fresh blueberries to the cake batter right before you dump it into the baking pan.

5. Don’t forget the LOVE.

P.S.- After the cake had properly cooled (or cooled enough), I made a standard dark chocolate ganache, spread it on the cake, and decoratively placed the fresh blueberries on it before the ganache set.



  1. OMG girl- Best birthday ever! I was all like 1 tequila-2 tequila-3 tequila- birthday cake!

    All of a sudden i had what looked like a couch cushion from my wildest dreams up in my lazy eye grill.

    It possessed all that is typical of a Tran cake:

    -semi experiental flavor experiment
    (see buffalo wing cornbread birthday cake)
    -simple but well- executed bratty decoration

    I love how sweaty the ganache got


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